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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Game Geeks update!

My friend Russ Rupe, game designer extraordinaire, just left a comment on the original Game Geeks post.  He had a personal message for a mutual friend, but then this, "To everyone else on Justine's blog...if you do head over to Kickstarter and support us (we are now in the final week), just shoot me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with the double-secret-internet-friend-of-a-friend good deal. info@conquestgaming.com"

How cool is that?  A double-secret-internet-friend-of-a-friend good deal on an awesome game!  So if you are gaming-inclined (board gaming...not the video kind, although I understand the demographic does overlap), head over to Kickstarter and back StelCon:Infinity.  It is in its final week; and The Philosopher would love to see it funded, so he can have Russ come over and teach him how to play it.  (For more great pictures of The Philosopher and his Warlords of Europe game, also designed by Russ, see the first Game Geeks post.

Russ is the one with the beard.
And as a special bonus for readers who are mutual friends, I will throw in another Russ Rupe story if his game gets backed.  I have known him since he was in fourth grade and we went to college together, so I have a few. 

Be very afraid, Russ.  Are you sure you want your game backed?

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