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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More than coincidence (and the bathroom)

Thank you so much for all the comments on that last post, and especially for your thoughts and prayers.  They truly mean a lot to me!  For any of you who are interested in knowing a bit more of my story, some parts of it are posted on the "My story" tab at the top of this blog. Or you can just ask me questions.  I don't mind.  :)

I made a little phone call today to the Hague adoption unit USCIS to inquire on the status of my I-800A (immigration preapproval.)  The very nice lady told me that my application was approved on April 10!  (See my last post for the significance of the date.)  Do you think that is more than coincidence?

In other happy news:  the bathroom remodel is FINISHED!!!

I still need to hang the shower curtain and put out towels and a few other things, but otherwise it is done and I am THRILLED!  My favorite part is the tile.  I especially love how the octagons and squares tessellate on the floor (can we say "math nerd"?) and the subway tile is pretty great, too. 

I also am really happy with the colors: white, light aqua, chrome, and grey (grout)...so bright, cheery, and peaceful.  I don't know how I would have chosen this if it wasn't for Pinterest and the good advice I got.  Decorating is so not my thing, but I am very happy with the outcome.   Many thanks to the friends and family who weighed in on the tile and color choices! 

Remember before?

Yippee for after!

AND we got a free pizza today, AND I found out that one of our little Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angels has a family coming for him.  Talk about a great day!   I am so thankful!


Vicky said...

I love your bathroom! It's beautiful! Congratulations on your I800a! Now, it's DTC! Yeah!

My boys said...

It looks great!!!! Can't wait to come and see it first hand! how did the kids like the "not from Foster's pizza oven" pizza?

Chelsea said...

Looks wonderful, and what an amazing story about getting your approval on such a meaningful date. My husband and I were married the same year as you and yours. I can't imagine anything more difficult than losing him. It is amazing what you have been able to accomplish since then and what an awesome reunion the two of you will have some day. I know he must be proud watching you.

Congratulations on the approval. I hope Matching Approval comes in record time also!

Talley Images said...

so, so pretty! And congrats on the approval!

Mer said...

It looks AWESOME!