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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the waiting begins...

Yesterday I signed the official referral paperwork for Baby Girl!  It was very exciting!

I'd have to say that I love living within 15 minutes of my placing agency!  It means all those days wasted mailing things back and forth don't exist.  I can just run up to the agency to sign important papers, pick up documents, and drop off documents and checks; not to mention the joy of actually getting to see and hug my worker instead of just talking via email or phone.  By the end of this adoption I imagine this proximity will have saved a couple of weeks of "mail time" and lots of money in FedEx fees.  Saving time and money is always good, especially in the adoption world!

I also found out that yesterday my dossier was sent to the government department in charge of adoption in Baby Girl's country.  I was very surprised!  I hoped it would be to them by the end of this week at the earliest and it is already there!

Now the long wait starts.  But we are moving forward, and quickly so far!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support! 


Vicky said...

Look at that sweet beautiful mouth! Congratulations on moving forward faster than expected! God is so good!

Sarah said...


Alice said...


Babsi said...

Yes, that´s good to live that near!
Why do you have to wait so long from now on?
Sorry, I have no idea! Well, we will adopt from the same country, and maybe it is different from germanyß We have to send our dossier at first and then have to wait for a match. After the match , that´s what the agency told us, it will move really fast that we can pick up our child.?!??


The Gross Family said...

Yippee! So good to see you moving forward. She will be in your arms soon and so worth the wait!

Mer said...

Yay!!!!! That is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! What's the avg wait from here??