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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Updated 7/12/2011

The giveaway I posted about here has been cancelled, and we will not be receiving an iPad from Marissa's Bunny. If you are interested in the situation, just google. There is lots of info in lots of places (some if it of questionable intent and accuracy.) I do not agree with the angle that some people have taken, but there are also people who are making lemonade out of these lemons.

I am thankful that I do not look to people as my source or I would be very discouraged. Instead read my Choices and Trust post. My hope is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth. I have no doubt at all that Super T will receive an iPad. I don't know where it will come from directly, but ultimately it comes from God.

I will leave this post up in its entirety.

Original post from 6/23/11:

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring exciting special-needs iPad news!

A while ago I hopped over to Marissa's Bunny and entered Super T in a merit-based special-needs iPad giveaway. He won one of the 40 iPad's they gave away! With the iPad came $500 (yes, you read that right: $500!!!) of iPad apps of my choice (some of the therapeutic apps are quite expensive, but even with those, we still got a LOT of apps!) the iPad is going to be a game-changer for this little boy. I am very VERY excited to receive it (should be getting it Monday) and see how it changes his communication, reading skills, level of engagement, and so many other things...not to mention his music (which he LOVES)!

Marissa's dad has it on his heart to help the special needs community. His bosses have an aggressive over-matching program for any money that is raised on the blog. Right now Marissa's Bunny is in the middle of another special-needs iPad giveaway (click here for how to enter). They currently have 15 iPads to give away, but IF they can raise a total of $1000 on the chip-in the bosses will provide 5 more iPads PLUS $500 worth of apps to each recipient. Read about it here (and also about why it is just amazing that Marissa's dad has the time or heart to think about the rest of us--his plate is more than full right now.)

So, if you have a special needs child apply for the giveaway and whether or not you have a special needs child, consider donating to the chip in (on the sidebar of this page). Seriously, the iPad is the most amazing tool for special needs individuals that has come out in a long time...maybe ever.

Now, back to the FB posts...

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