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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FB Note from Feb. 27, 2010: Adoption update--home one month

Super T has been home for just over one month now [he came home Jan. 26, 2010, so as of today it has been a year and a half, but I wanted to transfer all of this from FB] He has made an amazingly smooth transition, for which I am so grateful. Every day I am so blessed to be able to kiss him and hug him and see him settle into our family. So far this adoption experience has just been so wonderful--not perfect by any means, Super T and I have definitely butted heads more than a few times-- but truly wonderful.

My heart is full of things I would like to say, but my time is so limited these days that I haven't been able to organize my thoughts or write them out. I had faithfully journaled my adoption experience up to the second day in Hong Kong, but I haven't picked it back up yet. We are just living life one day at a time. Super T is learning so quickly. I am just amazed. He is really picking up sign language (we are getting the Signing Times DVD's from the library) and his speech is coming along with the signs. He is watching LOTL and Little Pud more and more and learning so much from them. He LOVES the trampoline, playing in water (summer will be fun!), and eating ice cream. He also enjoys playing ball, listening to music, cooking with mom, eating almost anything, and cuddling. One thing that surprised me about him was that he doesn't really play with toys. I think that one factor is that he is much more interested in "real" things than toys (other factors are not quite so positive); however, he is learning about play from watching his brother and sister AND enjoying doing "real" things with mom. He is quite mechanical and is interested in how things work, and he is a wonderful imitator. Super T also has a great sense of humor and can be quite the tease (his latest is to call me "Grand-mama.") Attachment (a BIG deal in adoptions) is also really going well. I think Super T is really starting to feel comfortable and safe in our family and our home and like he "belongs" with us (which he does!) He is always hugging me, wanting to sit on my lap, and generally being a snuggly little boy. LOTL and Little Pud are really wonderful with Super T, and Super T really enjoys them. He makes us all smile, laugh, and appreciate life more.

For me the most difficult thing has been how "constant" it is to be Super T's mommy. I knew it was coming and asked for it, but it was hard to anticipate how much change it would be to go from being mom and homeschooling two relatively self-sufficient kids to doing all that with those two plus a special needs child. Down time is very rare, but we are getting into a routine and Super T really is a pretty "easy" child, which definitely helps. One good thing is that I am getting more exercise these days with all the trampolining! I definitely am not complaining, though. My life is wonderful. I am so blessed to be the mom of three amazing children!

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