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Monday, January 2, 2012


Back in mid-October I went to the Reece's Rainbow website.  I was just checking in and browsing around and saw that they needed warriors for the Angel Tree.  I decided to sign up.

I found a sweet little girl "Rosa" who didn't have a picture and who was medically in basically the same situation Super T was in at that age.  I always think the kids from the countries that don't allow pictures are at a disadvantage on a photolisting site, and I sure didn't want this sweet girl to wait nine years for a family like Super T did.  I could tell a few additional facts about her because of her ID numbers at the top of her listing and these things intrigued me.  Also her date of birth caught my eye.  I emailed the person in charge of Angel Tree and said that I would like to be Rosa's Christmas Warrior.  I would advocate and raise money for this baby girl so she could find a family.

By the next day my thoughts had changed...

Here is the link to the information Reece's Rainbow has about Rosa

I think the name situation is confusing.  "Rosa" is just a made-up-name for the website.  She also has a legal name, another name that her carers call her, and we will be naming her something completely different from any of these names.  I uses pseudonyms for my kids on this blog so "Rosa" will be Baby Girl.  I do have pictures now, but won't be able to post them here for legal reasons.

If you see me in real life I would be thrilled to share her future name and cute pictures with you!


Alice said...

Baby Girl is headed to the perfect family!

stephanie said...

I always wondered why some children didn't have a photo.It's the country who won't allow it?? That is a huge disadvantage. So now that you have committed to her, have you ever seen a picture of her?? The curiosity would be driving me nuts!!but then again you don't get to see your baby til they are born, right?

I just think it's amazing that you went in as her warrior and came out as her mama!

The Gross Family said...

So happy for you!

Sarah said...