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Friday, November 18, 2011

Adoption Finalization and $5 Friday!

Today, at long last, Super-T's adoption is going to be legally finalized here in the USA.  The country I adopted him from grants the adoptive parents custody and then, after six months and all the post-placement visits have been made, they grant permission to finalize the adoption.  Well, for one reason and another, we had the perfect storm of delays (paperwork lost in the mail, our attorney in a serious car accident, court system losing paperwork, etc. etc.) and now, just two months shy of two years later, we finally have a court date.  Super-T will legally become my son today!  His name will be changed to what we have been calling him for the past two years, and he will become a U.S. citizen!

In honor of Super-T's adoption I am having $5 Friday over on my new blog Joy Down in My Heart .  All the money raised goes directly to Jovie's grant fund (honestly, I can't even see who donates, but I'll be able to see her total go up).  Jovie is an orphan with Down syndrome who lives in the same child care home that Super-T lived in for three years.  Jovie has a family that recently committed to bringing her home, and I know by experience what an arduous process that can be.  Please help me celebrate Super-T's adoption by helping another orphan come home.

Thank you!

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